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Whew, what a few months it has been. CraZy year for us in 2018. After realizing I would need major surgery on my right foot, ankle and Achilles I decided that after all my travels were done I would schedule the surgery for early August. On 8 August I had nine procedures done and was immobile for a few weeks and then spent months in rehabilitation while running the business from home. Also a week after my surgery my best friend lost his job as a blackjack dealer and I knew I needed more help to make this business grow. I offered him a chance to follow me on the journey. We soon realized working out of a 720 foot building and part of a house that it was not feasible to grow like I wanted to. I contacted a good friend of mine and asked if he had any retail space available in his six units he owned. He said come Spring he might have an opening. Well a week later in mid October he called and said “the space is yours if you want it”. I was still recuperating but I had to take the opportunity and signed a three year lease. We moved and am still moving into a marvelous space 15 minutes from home. This move will make us so much more efficient. This gives us space for more exclusives from Fabric Flair and the genius designs from Gevork in fabrics from all counts 14 to 40. This young man changed my life. I think we came into each other’s lives when we both needed it. How I met Gevork is a long story I will tell soon.  I am excited for this next step in the journey and we are very glad that we have marvelous customers that are there for us.

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    1. I will try to send some emails every couple weeks with stories.. NOt many people signed up for it… should I tell them to?

  1. This is gonna be a great way to let us all know what’s going on. Love your new warehouse shop. It’s going to be a great new adventure for you. Go glad that Garth has joined you on your journey. He is a great help. I’m so happy that I found you and all the wonderful fabrics that you have. You do an amazing job at pairing patterns and fabrics together. It has given me so many new ideas for all of my cross stitch patterns. Thanks so much for your friendship!!!

  2. Good luck with the business in 2019. How lucky you are to have such wonderful friends to help you succeed. Looking forward to hearing more about Gevork.

    Loving the fabric I see.

  3. Congratulations on the store. I know all about Achilles’ tendon and ankle surgery. Hope you are recovering well. Where is your new store located? Would love to see it. Continue to grow and heal. Best wishes

  4. I am so happy you are recuperating well. And happy you are in a new store. Your fabric is beautiful and now there can be more of it. And happy you have help. Keep up the great work.

    1. Well I can say the foot is healed.. it is a total miracle. The doctor told me it would be a year and it was almost exactly a year before I felt I could walk long distances and basically have my foot back working .. so happy .

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