The Mill Hill Room is Completed

Well last night we have decided that we really like the way the Mill Hill Bead room is coming along. It is a small room between the two warehouses at our shop. Basically we have a large store up front with a big warehouse in the back and we knocked out a door between the two locations so we can access the two buildings. This is the room where you will find Mill Hill beads, treasures, and other product including pattern books published by Mill Hill or Wichelt. All Mirabilia and Nora Corbett patterns are in the shop up front. This is also the room that has all of the embellishment packages For Mirabilia and Nora patterns. Megan has been really busy uploading all of the embellishment packages and the patterns for Nora and Mirabilia on our website. This also includes all of the kits that we can get from Mill Hill/Wichelt. If we do not have the kit you are looking for we can order. We are happy to day we have a full stock of all seed beads, antique, frosted, bugle, petite and magnification beads. We also are fully stocked in number 6 and 8 larger beads. We are catching up on getting all the treasures in stock. We are 75% there. Come shop or let us know what you need.

Some of the kits on the walls abs embellishment packages are sorted alphabetically
The bead wall and embellishment packages below for Nora and Mirabilia designs.
Mill Hill treasures and extra beads stored close so we can restock when low. There is also another bin of more Mill Hill kits including autumn, Easter egg and other seasonal kits not on the wall.

Thank you for your support. We are catching up shipping now that I have an extra person joining me at the shop.


3 Responses

  1. I would like to purchase:
    Mill Hill 10045 Opaline Jade Magnifica Beads 12/0
    Mill Hill 10052 Fuschia Opal Magnifica Beads 12//0
    Mill Hill 18014 Black Glass Pony Beads 8/0
    Mill Hill 10032 Brilliant Fuschia Magnifica Beads 12/0
    Mill Hill 13073 Rondele-Black Diamond AB
    and Kreinik #4 Braid 032 Pearl
    Thanks for your help!

    1. We are out of 10052 until Wichelt can get them in from Japan. We do have 10045 in stock that you can buy right from the website. Just type in 10045 in the search bar

  2. I am looking for several MH kits. What is the best way to find out if you have them in stock for me to order? Thank you Carrie

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