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Coming to America ~ The Women of the Mayflower!

The inspiration for this piece came from a book that was written 100 years ago by author, Ethel J.R.C Noyes, titled – The Women of the Mayflower and Women of Plymouth Colony. Her work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization, as we know it. The work is now in public domain in the United States of America. It is well worth the read, its history that wasn’t taught in our history books. I read the book a second time, as I stitched the sampler. The sampler gave me a small connection to each woman, as I crossed each stitch, of each letter of their names. I normally don’t like stitching letters, but for some strange reason I thoroughly enjoyed stitching the names of these women!

The sampler was designed in bands. Long and narrow, much like samplers of the 17th century, but not in 17th century-style. Each band and it’s motifs represents a time of their journey… the landing at Cape Cod, the animals that travelled with them, the women – a listing of the names of the 18 married women, Plymouth – the place they would eventually call home, the rock – Plymouth Rock, a lastly, a remindert hat we are living in the tomorrow for which they wrought.


Celebrate 66 days of stitching to coincide with the 66 days at sea!

Commemorative sampler, celebrating 400 years and honoring the 18 married women of the Mayflower!

Kick off date Sept 6, 2020 – Nov 9th, 2020. 

Stitch count: 125 wide X 422 high

Linen: suggested Vintage Country Mocha by Zweigart

Stitches used:

Cross stitch (all over 2), small amount of Back and Straight Stitches.

Floss   Not Included   We will have a floss set for sale   

  • Weeks Dye Works – 1092 Grits & 2197 Oscar (3 skeins)
  • Gentle Arts – 7041 Apple Cider, 7045 Mountain Mist (2 skeins), 7066 Wood Trail & 7080 Endive
  • Classic Colorworks – Chesapeake Bay
  • DMC – 355, 371(2), 3778, 3830, 610, 613, 640, 647, 729 & 754


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