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Six cross stitch designs explore the final frontier–outer space:
Return to Space 
(space shuttle blasts toward the moon on astronaut John Glenn’s 2nd space flight: 1962 Friendship 7 and 1998 Discovery–stitched on navy) (128w x 168h Stitches)
The Planets (small cross stitch designs shows planets in orbit around the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth (moon), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto–stitched on black) (104w x 125h Stitches)
Passing Saturn (space shuttle flies past Saturn with its rings–stitched on black) (180w x 132h Stitches)
Voyager’s Tour (view of six planets, including Jupiter, Mars, Earth (Moon), Saturn, Neptune and Uranus and the Voyager spacecraft on its journey–stitched on black) (201w x 142h Stitches)
Discovery (space shuttle near observatory with moon and mars in the night sky–stitched on navy) (144w x 86h Stitches)
Space Walk (Astronaut walking on the moon with earth and sun visible in night sky behind him–stitched on black) (158w x 101h Stitches)

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