Dusty Rose Slushee



Product Description

  • We have new fun Slushee fabric in a number of colors
  • Dusty Rose take me back 36 years to my wedding colors.  Timeless except for that bad 80’s haircut.  Such a great color for Mirabilia or Nora ladies and about any design that calls for a fun Summery Background.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Fabric Count

14 Count, 16 Count, 18 Count, 28 Linen, 28 Evenweave, 32 Evenweave, 32 Linen, 36 Evenweave, 36 Linen, 40 Linen

Fabric Size

17.5" x 19.5", 18" x 27", 27" x 36", 36" x 39", 36" x 54"

Fabric Finish

Plain, Opalescent


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