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  • We were inspired by this fabric to name it after our favorite artist Bob Ross. We hope Bob would be proud.
  • Makes me think of his palette in one hand, his brush in the other and his curly hair, painting on this piece!
  • Think fantasy, dragon, ladies, sea urchins, etc.

Additional information

Fabric Count

14 Count, 16 Count, 18 Count, 28 Evenweave, 28 Linen, 32 Evenweave, 32 Linen, 36 Evenweave, 36 Linen, 40 Linen

Fabric Size

17.5" x 19.5", 18" x 27", 27" x 36", 36" x 39", 36" x 54"

Fabric Finish

Plain, Opalescent


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