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So much going on in Utah with the warehouse. Upstairs we are taking inventory on all remaining stock of Precious Moments cross stitch pattern books we acquired on the retirement of Pat Carson, the designer. We will have them up on the website here soon.

Our New Newsletter will be posted monthly with contests and some fun ideas. Thanks, Nikki Johnston for designing this for us.

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For those that are interested in a retreat, I will be in Reno in July for the retreat put on by Fae Kuhn. I will be a vendor.

I will also be in Australia with Linen and Threads for their retreat.

We are also in the planning stages of securing a local venue for our own retreat either in the spring or late summer 2020 in Layton, Utah (close to Salt Lake Airport and public train to a near location to be picked up if you are flying) We have already talked to some amazing caterers and they are excited and want this to really happen.

Watch for the website to be loaded with all the Joan Elliott, Cross My Heart (retired inventory that we purchased), and lots of other fun needlework you must have. .. LOL

We will be doing a focus on our stitcher of the month and our first winner of a $25.00 Gift Certificate is Jane Seidel. Jane has always gravitated towards crafting. In the 1970’s she used thread in her collage “paintings” that used no paint. Jane shared with me that she asked a needle pointer about her craft. She said I’d hate cross stitch cuz you have a blank canvas (fabric) and have to read a chart. I walked through Michael’s and was put off by the price of needlepoint. Looked at a kit of a kitty cat and said: “I can do that….” Stopped on 9/11. Seriously. Just stopped while the world watched TV for weeks on end. Continued crafting. While selling on eBay, I joined a lot of groups to see what was popular so I could sell my stash. And saw Michele Gabriel’s 2 Prairie Schooler Santa’s on Classic Blue Snowflakes and life has never been the same. It’s her fault. Seeing her Santa Claus projects, I keep staring at the computer screen. I couldn’t even understand what I was looking at. Did she stitch it? Is it painted? I could see a shadow of the snowflakes behind her stitching but couldn’t figure it out. People went crazy in whatever group that was, probably the Prairie Schooler group. #FabricJunkie

We are so happy to announce the website to get your stash bag for your projects mailed to you each month … We will have regular size, large size, and even a seasonal (four times a year) if you think 12 are too many … said no one ever.

Montly Stash Bag Party

We were happy to have retreat guests from Snug Harbor Stitch West retreat visit our warehouse in October. I seriously was clueless about how many people had never heard of us. They were a bit overwhelmed with what we have.

if you haven’t told your family and friends what you want for Christmas remember Gift Certificates to Stitchery X-Press would be awesome. They can call Cindy at 801.721.1351 to purchase.

Don’t forget the show each Sunday at 1 PM Mountain Time in the Facebook group cross stitch buy and sell Stitchery Xpress with all the new items that arrived and our pairings of patterns to fabrics.

Off to list on the website… Love to you all of you and enjoy Autumn as winter is just around the corner

Cheers, Cindy

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  1. This is a wonderful idea, that you Cindy for putting it together and all the happenings of the month. I love knowing what other people are doing. Thank you Nikki for the design, very easy to read.

  2. Thank you for sharing the next chapter of your amazing site. Doug, you are so silly and I can understand why you are in the corner. I really enjoyed the Bio on Jane, she is so amazing with all that she does. I really appreciate her help, in pointing us into the right direction for contact info. Jane, congratulations in being the this months winner. Thanks for being such an amazing person!

  3. Great newsletter! And such terrific ideas for the coming months! Any of us who liked Stitchery Express before are love, love, LOVING it now! Cindy, Garth, Doug, and Nikki are fantastic! And we mustn’t forget Devork! OMG, his fabrics are fabulous!!
    If you haven’t ordered from them, don’t be afraid! You won’t be disappointed!

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