From Viruses To Earthquakes – We’re Still Working Every Day

Hey everybody I just want to give you a heads up about what’s happening at Stitchery X-Press.

I have Been really busy catching up after Nashville. Nashville is the largest market for counted cross stitch in the world and about one of the only shows that is worth going to for shops. Thank goodness it happened the week it did if not it likely would have been canceled. We look forward to going every year. I was lucky to have Tina and Ginny both helping me this year.

I am catching up and Gevork has his dyeing office and laboratory as I call it all complete or almost done. He is cranking out fabrics faster and faster.
We are adding to the website daily and hope to get more and more fabrics up soon.

We have added all Gentle Art Sampler Threads, the now out of print Lena Lawson owls. We have the remaining ones coming and it only looks like about 12 of each so grab them now. If there is any Cross My Heart book you ever wanted we are adding all our stock now. We have what was left of the company. We have added little stitch girl and some fox and rabbit and blackbird designs. New fabrics are being added also.

We thank you for your participation in the WIP work in progress room and the Buy and Sell Group. I look forward to our Sunday shows.
I have been busy. This week and weekend I will be shipping the awesome wonky boxes, fabric of the month, and stash bag party of the month. We do have openings in all three groups:

My fabric

wonky boxes can be ordered on the Facebook group. They are full of cross stitch things you didn’t know you needed. From accessories, patterns, floss, beads, buttons, charms, trims, and fun.

As of the present time, I will still be going to June for Fae Kuhn’s retreat in Reno. I will be heading to a Retreat near Sydney, Australia in August. I will be back in Sydney in February 2021 and mark your calendars for a special three-day retreat for stitching and learning in Layton, Utah with Brendon and Karen Kirk of Fox and Rabbit and The Blackberry Rabbit. Many of you know Brendon from his amazing yearly mystery stitch along he provides free to thousands of stitchers. The retreat will be around the third week of March. We will keep you posted.

Since we have experienced a few earthquakes here in northern Utah it has been a weird week with the virus and the house shaking. Stay safe!

The “Don’t Roam, Stay At Home” pattern is free with any purchase. Just state you want it and we will email it to you.

God Bless all of you during this trying time for the world and always.

Thank you for buying from me.

Many of you have become wonderful friends.


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  1. Thanks for all you and your team do! Keep well, speaking for myself, I also look forward to Sunday videos. Looking forward to this all being over, but in the meantime will stitch and buy on line from
    Stitcheryxpress (until the $$ runs out…JKing) all good here!!

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